U Family Pride

“Post-season signing
sessions have become all
the rage at allCanes”

Our in-store autograph signing events have become a right-of-passage for future ProCanes and a much-anticipated venue for authors and filmmakers to launch their books and films. Each year, with the NFL Draft on the horizon, we get players in store so fans can get some merch signed, while saying ‘thanks’ to some greats who gave their all at The U. The tradition began after our 2001 Football National Championship and is still going strong over a decade later.

Reed. Portis. Dorsey. McGahee. Gore. Vilma. Graham. Johnson. Romberg. Olsen. Wilfork. Hester. Parrish. Carey. Moss. Shields. Beason. All have been in the house, as have UM-themed authors like Bruce Feldman and Jim Martz, as well as ‘The U’ documentary director Billy Corben. Stay tuned each year as we anxiously await our next group of Canes to make their way through our store for an exclusive signing event.


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