MEDIA MAIN > ALLCANES BLOG officially launched in 2005, but allCanes’ coverage of UM athletics started in late 1990 when Christian Bello covered ‘The U’ for and Yahoo! Sports on behalf of allCanes. After spending the early part of the 2000s hosting articles at, it was time to launch an official blog and since then has been well-received by Hurricane Nation – as well as the local media, as CBS Miami awarded the Most Valuable Blogger in the Sports category for 2011.

Bello, a lifelong Canes fan with a B.A. in English, covers the Canes with an open, honest, tell-it-like-it-is, logical style and has since welcomed Brian ‘The Beast’ London as an on-the-scene guest commentator, covering the day-to-day.

Follow throughout the season as we cover football, baseball and basketball, while giving an honest take on all things U-related.



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