Traveling Road Shows + Parties

“allCanes will
proudly bring the
305 on the road”

Mr. allCanes came up with the premise for the Road Show year back when allCanes started going on the road for away-games realizing that there was no true meeting place or rallying point for on-the-road UM fans.

A tradition was then born and allCanes has made sure that The U is united and on display the night before key road games. The biggest events take place in Atlanta and Tallahassee for GT and FSU, but we’ve thrown rowdy bashes in Knoxville, Chicago, Pasadena, and Tempe over the years.

Fans, former players, administrators and other members of the U Family are always in attendance, knowing that allCanes will proudly bring The 305 on the road.

Check our blog and Facebook page to learn where the next Road Show event will take place.

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